About CavendishWORKS

CavendishWORKS is the name given to our most ambitious project yet - with one world-changing aim: 

to guarantee all our students secure long-term, meaningful employment beyond our doors.


For too long, many schools have looked at an individual’s academic attainment at the point of departure as their ultimate measure of impact and too often, young people with unique learning profiles face additional barriers in adulthood, including difficulties in securing employment.


The percentage of neurodiverse adults in meaningful employment is woefully low and it seems that, in part, a lack of confidence on behalf of employers is behind the statistic. 


Research shows that employers are afraid of ‘getting things wrong’ for this group, and have concerns about how to help neurodiverse employees to fit in.  


We’re here to help change this.

Currently, everyone is missing out:


  • people who think differently miss out on a future of employment, independence and feelings of self-worth; 

  • employers miss out on a large talent pool, populated with people who can bring unique strengths to the workplace. Such as?

Our dream is to help employers to understand the benefits of employing neurodiverse people and to help them find relevant staff. We will work with them to help us to design curriculums that deliver relevant skills and competencies that employers want, including developing the ‘soft skills’ that are needed for everyday work.


We know that some employers find it difficult to recruit and we’re uniquely positioned to fill that gap with our young people.


What are the barriers?


Just as some neurotypical people may struggle to complete an application form, people with neurodiverse minds may face other barriers in addition to this such as not being able to present their best self at an interview, or not being comfortable in a noisy or busy workplace, maybe they experience feelings of anxiety linked to unfamiliar situations etc. The one thing that these barriers all have in common is that they are really easy to overcome!


CavendishWORKS seeks to change perceptions amongst employers and to raise awareness of the easy adjustments they can make so that they truly understand the positive impact of employing colleagues who ‘think differently.’ 

> read our advice for employers here

Lisa Camilleri The Holmewood School.jpg

"Here at The Holmewood School we allow all our interviewees to see interview questions in advance. This simple step helps to reduce candidates’ anxiety linked to the unknown, and allows interviewees to prepare their answers in advance to ensure they respond with their best self.”


Lisa Camilleri


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