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Vanessa Danz

Emily is the Finance Director of Cavendish Education.

Alongside leadership roles such as SENDCo, Assistant Headteacher and SEND adviser she has also taught across the age ranges in leading mainstream and specialist schools within both the Independent and Maintained sectors.

Her expertise lies in Special Educational Needs (SEND) and School Improvement; providing training, support, and advice to improve outcomes for all pupils, offering a range of services for Headteachers, Leadership Teams, SENDCos, Teachers and Support Staff.

Vanessa has a strong reputation with the families and educational professionals that she has worked with. Utilising her breadth of experience, she  has supported families and schools to navigate their journey through the complex system of SEND with a particular focus on the needs of students with Autism, Specific Learning Difficulties and other neuropsychological processing difficulties.

Vanessa’s strengths include in-depth knowledge of SEND policies and procedures, a proven track record of improving outcomes for schools and  pupils, and the ability to provide effective support and training to education professionals and families. She is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of pupils with SEND and enabling schools to achieve excellence.

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