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A commitment to enabling our students to thrive defines the culture within Cavendish Education

The four core attributes of Confidence, Competence, Creativity and Character that contribute to student wellbeing and success, apply equally, albeit differently, to those working with us. These values determine everything that we do and the way that we do it.

Ensuring that everyone working with us has the right approach, skills and experience to fulfil their role and unlock their own potential is paramount, alongside a passion to perform at the highest level whilst working together to continuously improve practices and outcomes for students.

Cavendish Leadership

Aatif Hassan

Founder and Chairman
Aatif Hassan Founder & Chairman.webp

Simon Coles

Group Managing Director
Simon Coles_edited.webp

Gemma Doyle

Marketing & Admissions Director
Gemma Doyle_edited.webp

Rachel Slevin

People Director
Screenshot 2021-08-17 09_41_41.webp

Stephen Aiano

Compliance Director
Stephen Aiano Operations Director.webp

Emily Gibson

Finance Director
Emily Richards_edited.webp

Jon Pickles

Jon Pickles Chief Finance Officer.webp
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