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Pupils from The Moat School take a lead role on ITV News

Neurodiversity Celebration Week (13-17 May 2019) was founded by 16 year old Siena Castellon, a nationally-recognised neurodiversity advocate.

The week has been designed to ‘create a more positive perception about what it means to be neurodiverse and to change the educational landscape so that SEN students have positive school experiences.’

In celebrating the strengths of a unique learning profile and not simply focusing on the difficulties or perceived negatives, has meant that the week has attracted some high profile attention.

Over 300 schools from across the UK have signed up to support the Celebration Week, including The Moat School in Fulham who invited Siena and ITV news along to the school to meet some of their pupils.

It was also another brilliant opportunity for our Cavendish Schools’ Choir to get together too, to perform the uplifting and original song, ‘I Believe in Me composed by The Moat School Deputy Headteacher, Matthew Potger. Congratulations to everyone involved.

Read the full ITV article here.



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