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World Mental Health Day

Saturday October 10th marks World Mental Health Day, and the theme this year is mental health for all.

Here, Angela Fowler - Emotional Wellbeing Manager for Trinity School and College in Rochester - explains the important role that Trinity plays in offering security, safety and routine for all students to ensure their mental wellness.

"The Emotional Wellbeing team at Trinity works in an holistic way to help the students feel that they are cared for and their whole wellbeing is looked at, both at home and at school.

With parents on board and sharing strategies from school, we can ensure that everyone that is caring for the student is working together in the same way - this gives a sense of security  and belonging. Our students often talk about Trinity as an extension of their family and we feel this approach is fundamental to their progress. 

Each student has access to an individual wellbeing mentor that is most suited to their needs and understanding of them as a unique person. The structure is helpful to their routine and, knowing that they have that regular time to offload, helps them to feel supported. The Emotional Wellbeing team ensures that familiarity is upheld, forming a feeling of safety and security.


Our students know that they can trust us to be able to emotionally regulate their anxieties and anger, and to provide strategies to help and follow up to apply those strategies. Forming trusting relationships is  the key to our students' mental health and wellbeing."



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