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The need for a new approach 

The world is changing fast. Increasingly, new ways of thinking are needed if we are to meet current and future challenges. Currently, everyone misses out when those from the neurodiverse community face barriers to entering the workplace:



With employers struggling to recruit for some roles, there is an even greater argument for doing things differently. CavendishWORKS addresses these issues while offering our young people life-changing opportunities.

Overcoming the obstacles

Those with neurodiverse minds face barriers when it comes to gaining employment, regardless of their inherent qualities and skills. They may find it challenging to present their best self at an interview, or to remain comfortable in a noisy or busy workplace. Feelings of anxiety linked to unfamiliar situations can also cause neurodivergent job candidates to miss out on roles in which they have the potential to excel.

We know that these barriers are simple to overcome. In our schools, we see our students achieving more than they could ever have imagined, when supported by our talented staff. This transformation is based on our core values of confidence, competence, creativity and character.

CavendishWORKS seeks to change negative perceptions about neurodiversity in the workplace and highlight the incredible contributions that those with unique learning profiles can make.


We also highlight the simple adjustments employers need to make to create a workplace that benefits both employer and those employees with neurodiverse skillsets. Through collaboration we can bring about positive change.

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  • 20-30% of the population is estimated to be neurodiverse, and many are underrepresented in employment

  • neurodiverse adults do not experience independence and self-worth associated with having a job

  • employers fail to capitalise on a significant talent pool that adds value through unique strengths and skills

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