Abingdon House School & College


Abingdon House School & College near Marylebone, London, is an independent day school for boys and girls with dyslexia, dyspraxia and associated communication and language needs.

We welcome children from 5-19 years old and deliver a bespoke education developing and expanding the unique talents of each of our pupils. By delivering a bespoke education for every pupil we help to bring about a positive change in a pupil’s self esteem.

"Abingdon House School provides outstanding support for the SEND and SpLD pupils in its care; it is now seen as a destination school by parents." CReSTeD, 2018

Our teaching environment is based on understanding a child’s individual needs, nurturing a child’s academic and social development and caring for a child’s wellbeing. We understand the importance of discipline and boundaries. Pupils thrive in our calm, friendly, can-do atmosphere and as they achieve in both academic and creative areas, belief in their own abilities grows and fuels further success.

The school fosters a sense of pride and belonging that encourages the child to progress and achieve at school. The length of time spent at Abingdon House is unique to the individual but a sense of enjoyment, belonging and success is experienced by everyone.

"Parents commented on the very positive atmosphere of the school; parents too feel nurtured." CReSTeD, 2018

I hope you will soon visit us to see what makes us so special.

Abingdon House School & College , Broadley Terrace, Marylebone, NW1 6LG

5-19 years

Day school, co-educational

Average class size between 4–12

Support for Specific Learning difficulties, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia,
Communication & Language needs

CReSTeD Specialist Provision status

Physiotherapy , S&LT, OT

Bespoke curriculum for individual talents and needs.


Tel: 020 3750 5526

Email: office@abingdonhouseschool.co.uk

Web: abingdonhouseschool.co.uk

Tanya Moran

Head Teacher

Abingdon House School & College



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