Our Ethos


Our schools are unified by the Cavendish logo which sits at the heart of everything we do. 


At first sight this is perhaps just a lovely symbol but it carries more significance than that. The flower represents the blossoming of learning and life and each petal is a ‘C’, representing the main attributes we strive to instil in each of our pupils during their time with us. 


The 4Cs are:


  • Confidence, 

  • Competence,

  • Creativity, 

  • Character. 

We strongly believe that each of these attributes is vital to enable our pupils to thrive in post-school life, with every one an important element of being able to achieve a sense of well-being and happiness. 



Having confidence in your own abilities and worth is a crucial component in the Cavendish Curriculum. Our confidence model includes these four key elements: communication, independence, responsibility, self-awareness.


We strive within our curriculum to develop our pupils' competence in all elements of life: socially, academically and emotionally. Ultimately, competence means the  ability to deal with things effectively, whether it be managing our emotions, knowing a specific subject inside-out or communicating our feelings effectively.


Creativity comes in so many forms, most notably in the need for us to open our minds to the different types of creativity that lies within.  Nurturing creativity is a vital part of our curriculum, whether it be helping pupils open up their own thinking to see more than one solution, or helping them capture and break down multiple creative thoughts into smaller 'chunks' in order to realise their creative vision.


Our role is to not only help our pupils flourish academically, but on a personal level too; building their character with positive attributes to enable them to thrive in the adult world. Morality, respect, leadership, perseverance and empathy are all values we seek to instil, as well as the ability to make informed decisions, understand team work and know the difference between right and wrong.

Our approach is based on four broad themes:

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