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Our Story


Cavendish Education is a family of independent co-educational day and boarding schools and colleges for students between the ages of five and 21.


As a group, we are transforming the common perception of specialist education and throughout our schools, we challenge what it means to be neurodiverse by supporting our students to excel in ways they never thought possible.


We believe we are unparalleled in our approach, which sits between mainstream and traditional special school education. Our curriculum supports and nurtures students with a diagnosis of autism and associated communication and language needs, as well as those with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia.

Think       potential​​
“Our pupils go on to do some amazing things in all walks of life. They show discipline, concentration and commitment...”
Aatif Hassan, Founder and Chairman

Seeing potential in every student

The ability to think differently is celebrated and encouraged at our schools and colleges. Seeing extraordinary ability in every single one of our students, we unlock and nurture their potential.


The holistic and differentiated academic curriculums in our schools and colleges are designed to ignite the imaginations of students with unique learning profiles and nurture their innate talents and abilities. A range of enrichment activities, such as sport, technology, the arts, outdoor education and life skills, further enables our students to grow.


In the ethos of Cavendish Education, each of our schools and colleges has developed its own character, facilities, and strengths. Together, our schools and staff are committed to allowing every student to shine while they are with us and to achieve success in education or employment when they leave us.


We are very proud of all our students and their many achievements. They show that with the right support, those who think differently can make vital contributions to our world while leading happy and successful lives.



Our founder, Aatif Hassan, was inspired by his own life experiences to establish Cavendish Education.


Having been through the education system with dyslexia, he understands the need to give those who are neurologically diverse the tools to create successful and meaningful lives. Aatif himself went on to achieve a successful career, both in business and as an officer in the Army before founding Cavendish Education in 2013.


Cavendish Education is driven by Aatif ‘s dedication to nurturing those young people who think differently, enabling them to lead happy and productive lives. It is his desire to change the perception of what it means to be neurologically diverse through the achievements of Cavendish Education’s students and the quality of its curriculums.

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