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Advanced Autism Accreditation Status for The Holmewood School

The Holmewood School is celebrating after being granted Advanced Autism Accreditation status by the National Autistic Society.

Advanced awards are only given to provisions who offer excellent person-centred support showing a high level of consistency and quality rooted in a specialist understanding of best practice in the field of autism.

To date, approximately 20 provisions in the UK have been awarded the Advanced status, with the school in Woodside Park Road becoming the latest to join this elite group.

Following the three day assessment, Christine Flintoft-Smith, NAS Head of Autism Accreditation (North) commented: “This award recognises the transformative effect that The Holmewood School has on its students.

"The committee was left in no doubt that the school achieves impressive outcomes for its students and has a considerable impact on the wellbeing and quality of life of these young autistic people as they progress through the school and transition to adulthood”.

In addition, the committee highlighted a number of particular strengths, including the school’s ability to strike an effective balance between a strong focus on well-being and practical life skills alongside access to academic opportunities appropriate to the age and ability of the students. The school’s sense of community was also recognised with many parents referring to the school as a ‘family’ and praising it for ‘building my child’s confidence’ and enabling ‘my child to be proud of their autism’.

Lisa Camilleri, Head Teacher of The Holmewood School, commented, “The Advanced Autism Accreditation status is a reflection of the amazing effort, skill and dedication of our staff team, and highlights how together, we really do make a difference to the lives of autistic young people.

“I’d like to say a big thank you to the brilliant team at Holmewood who work with such dedication and enthusiasm every day to help support our unique students.

Pictured is The Holmewood School Senior Leadership Team.



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