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Announcing a new name for The Moat School

With the Cavendish Education ethos firmly rooted in a desire to remove barriers to learning and to focus on promoting and celebrating the talents of those with unique learning profiles, we believe it is now the right time to rename The Moat School to better align with its purpose of educating those who think differently. Therefore, from September, the school and sixth form will become Burlington House School.

Burlington House, which is now home to the Royal Society of Chemistry, was the childhood home of Henry Cavendish, the 18th Century scientist who discovered hydrogen and who was the inspiration behind the name for Cavendish Education.

Henry Cavendish was not only a brilliant scientist and natural philosopher, but was reported to have displayed traits of neurodiversity. We believe that the new name will provide pupils with a sense of high aspiration and ambition for their own future.

You can read more about Burlington House School and the launch of its new Prep (in September 2022) here.



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