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Cavendish Education is a family of independent day and boarding schools and colleges for students between the ages of five and 21. 


As a group, we are transforming the common perception of specialist education. Throughout our schools, we challenge what it means to be neurodiverse by supporting our students to excel in ways they never thought possible.

_Our story


We are driven by a dedication to nurturing those young people who think differently, enabling them to lead happy and productive lives...




_Our Ethos

At the heart of Cavendish Education is a commitment to enabling all our students to thrive – when they are with us and after they leave us. We aim to instil four core attributes which we believe are key contributors to student wellbeing and success...

“His confidence has grown and our family home life has changed so much - we have a different boy who does not stop talking about school…”



_Our Schools & Colleges

“We couldn't be more proud... and thankful that (our child) has caring, understanding, nurturing and loving teachers to help guide, teach and steer in the right direction"


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