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Our family of schools


Our staff are pioneering exciting approaches to student-centred learning across our family of schools and colleges. We currently educate more than 1,000 neurodiverse and cognitively able learners.


At Cavendish Education, every student’s innate ability to think differently is celebrated. We work hard to identify and unlock potential, embracing the ways our students think and learn so we can provide tailored pathways to help every student achieve and thrive.
The educational programmes developed in our schools celebrate the unique learning profiles of our students and challenge the perception of neurodiverse learners. They are designed with the flexibility to focus on individual needs; allowing students to explore the activities they love while developing essential skills. 
Across our schools, we share knowledge and insights to enhance the expert teaching and support we offer. This deeper expertise provides the building blocks for students’ personal and professional success and leads to impressive academic and vocational outcomes. 

In our care, many students achieve levels of happiness, success and fulfilment they never thought possible. We view o
ur curriculums as pathways to happy and fulfilling futures. We are extremely proud to facilitate the journeys taken by our students. Working together, our staff and our students set and meet higher goals for neurodiverse learners.



Our London Day Schools

Abingdon House School 
1a. Prep School, South Kensington
1b. Senior School & College, Marylebone

1c. Abingdon House School, Purley 
5-19 years, day school
Support for specific learning difficulties & autism


Burlington House School (formerly The Moat School)
2a. Prep School, Fulham

2b. Senior School, Fulham

2c. Sixth Form, Hammersmith

2d. Senior School, Tooting - opening 2024

7-19 years, day school
Support for specific learning difficulties


Chelsea Hall School

3. Earlsfield

4-11 years, day school

Support for autism


The Holmewood School

4a. Lower School, North Finchley

4b. Upper School, Muswell Hill

7-19 years, day school

Support for autism.

Beyond London

Bredon School, Tewkesbury, Glos
7-18 years, day & weekly/full boarding
Support for dyslexia


Ripplevale School, Broadstairs, Deal & Rochester, Kent
6-18 years, day school
Support for autism

Heathermount School, Ascot, Berkshire
5-18 years, day school
Support for autism

If you are unsure which school might be the best fit for your child, please do get in touch. There are a number of ways to reach us:


You may also wish to take a look at Newcome Education - a family of like-minded schools in the East Midlands and East of England specialising in supporting students with social, emotional and mental and health needs and/or autism. Newcome Education is a subsidiary of Cavendish Education.

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